FIG Partners Served As Broker For $16 Million Residential Loan Sale

ATLANTA, September 7, 2017 — FIG Partners served as broker for a $16 million residential loan sale involving two of its financial institution clients.

FIG Completes $16 Million Loan Sale“FIG worked closely with both banks to structure a transaction that met both of their needs,” said Amy Boothe-Fuentes, FIG’s Senior Vice President and Head of Whole Loan Trading. “The buyer wanted to increase its loan portfolio in a specific geographic location. The seller was focused on reducing concentration risk. FIG created a solution that benefited both banks in different ways.”

Boothe-Fuentes and FIG Managing Director Patrick Ahern led the deal.

Since 2003, FIG has been the trusted advisor to community banks and investors. FIG serves its clients with advisory and broker services for whole loans and fixed income transactions to facilitate balance sheet management.

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