FIG Partners Served As Broker For $23 Million Multi-Family CRE Loan Sale

ATLANTA, August 1, 2017 — FIG Partners served as broker for a $23 million Commercial Real Estate loan sale involving two of its financial institution clients on the West Coast.

CREThe sale was for a pool of performing loans collateralized by multi-family properties, some of which were CRA-eligible.

“This CRE loan sale was mutually beneficial to both banks,” said Amy Boothe-Fuentes, FIG’s Senior Vice President and Head of Whole Loan Trading, who managed the transaction. “The seller wanted to address concentration risk on its balance sheet, while the buyer wanted more exposure to multi-family loans. FIG structured a transaction that achieved both banks’ goals.”

FIG serves its clients with advisory and broker services for whole loans and fixed income transactions to facilitate balance sheet management.

Since 2003, FIG has been the trusted advisor to community banks and investors. FIG’s Fixed Income team has executed more than $280 million in loan sale transactions since the launch of its trading platform in 2014.

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