About FIG Partners

Why FIG?

A successful partnership occurs best when two sides are realistic towards a common goal. Telling clients what they want to hear instead of the necessary advice tends to move away from this principle. FIG Partners has a commitment to accept assignments where there is a mutual conviction on success, and to help with alternatives when a proper fit is unavailable. Since 2003, FIG has created over 3,000 new relationships with community banks and investors with this approach.

We feel strongly that choosing Focus over Size will yield better results. Larger investment banks may have a deep list of assignments and promises, but FIG provides execution. Making your transaction the center of our attention is more than a pledge, it is how we thrive. Creating new angles to discover your best course of action is the core of our Ideas and Execution. After all, it is your money — you should pay the team that creates the most value. Consider FIG Partners for your next transaction. We know you will be pleased with your decision.


FIG Partners LLC is an employee-owned broker/dealer specializing in financial institutions. Our expertise includes independent research on more than 120 public bank stocks and the industry at large; provide strategic advice and advised on more than $2.6 billion of M&A transaction value since 2007; OTC market-making for 750 banks nationwide.

FIG Partners has strong capabilities in our four key disciplines:

Equity Research: FIG’s mission is to provide deep and thoughtful guidance to enable clients to make investment decisions on a timely basis. Christopher Marinac, a widely respected industry analyst with 20 years of experience, leads the FIG research effort. FIG Partners’ research style is “grassroots”, where local visits with operating managers, customer interviews, and even opening bank accounts take a high priority. Our goal is to spot industry trends and, in particular, changes inside of individual companies before these are reflected in share prices.

Investment Banking: The principals at FIG Partners have been raised more than $2.5 billion in equity since 2007 and completed more than 95 whole bank transactions throughout the United States. Our capital-raising capacity includes Private and Public Placement of  Equity and Debt, Private Equity Transactions, and Recapitalizations. Our Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) advisory practice stands ready to assist banks with Whole Bank Sales and Branch Divestitures, Buy-Side assistance on Acquisitions, Merger of Equals, Succession Planning, and Strategic Alternative Analysis.

Equity Market-Making & Sales:  FIG is a market-maker in 750 public bank and thrift stocks and has relationships with 400 institutional investors. Our Sales and Trading team has extensive experience in the Financial sector with unique perspectives and insights, with information and order flow emanating from multiple sources. Our expertise has a wide range from illiquid bank and thrift stocks to extensive experience handling large orders in community bank and thrift stocks with minimal market impact.

Fixed-Income: We are well beyond just another desk asking for bond trades. The team at FIG offers a full range of trading, advisory and valuation services and highly skilled as an independent valuation provider on all securities and derivatives. This includes price verification and impairment calculations, as well as risk assessment. FIG also provides portfolio reviews and recommendations on the securities holdings of our bank clients. The FIG Fixed-Income team also can complete securitization underwriting for originating banks across asset classes, as well as asset purchases and sales.


  • Extensive analytical experience in the industry
  • Consistent commitment to industry focus
  • Depth of coverage
  • Breadth of coverage
  • Recognized industry expertise
  • Analyst compensation tied to firm profitability not individual transaction participation
  • Specialized desk to facilitate trading in a broad universe of bank and thrift shares