Bank Sector Review: Prices Approach June Highs

By Chris Marinac | August 27, 2016

The public bank sector is within 1% of the early June high price levels as of the Friday 8/19 close which makes it a good time to review pricing trends for the major stocks within the industry.

bank sector

Banks are still playing “catch-up” from the June 2nd peak pricing on the S&P Bank Index, SNL Bank & Thrift Index, and most of the major sector ETFs, since the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Russell 2000 are all in positive territory over the past two and a half months.


The largest banks have experienced more declines in stock prices in the recent time period. There are far more examples of positive stock prices and outperforming the sector indices among the mid-cap banks between $1 to $2 billion and also the separate $2 to $5 billion segment we’ve outlined here. While not published, the smaller banks, below $1 billion, had more positive territory.

We’ve also prepared a few additional charts, please click here to view.

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