“We really enjoy your daily research reports. Many of the other producers send such confusing and convoluted sets of material, that it is difficult to digest on a daily basis. We appreciate your concise reporting.”-Robert Goldstein, CapGen Capital Advisors

Encapsulates our current analysis of company-specific news, general industry issues, updates on regulation and legal issues, and general factors effecting the economy, plus trading data and technical analysis, which enables users to spot catalysts that drive stock prices higher and lower.
A weekly commentary on broad industry issues and forward looking topics that drive Banking and Bank Stocks.
Company-specific reports reviewing earnings and strategic issues, plus our outlook for earnings and tangible book value during the next 12-24+ months. We publish active research on 66 publicly-traded bank and thrift stocks…and our coverage continues to grow.

FIG Partners’ research combines fundamental analysis with a qualitative approach to identify successful companies and stocks. We frequently visit with middle-management to understand a company’s strategy and operations, open bank accounts, and visit the local community. We also perform technical analysis of stock price and volume trends.

Our analysis includes looking at company operating statistics from a different angle. We use ratios that are foreign to some company press releases, such as Cumulative Loss Losses, Frequency & Severity, ”Pure Funding”, Core Pre-Tax, Pre-Provision ROA, and Risk-Adjusted NIM-Net Interest Margin. In addition, we make unique rankings of companies (i.e., loan-to-deposit ratio ex-brokered CDs, securities composition, excess TCE ratio, and core deposits vs. core loans), which enable investors to compare and contrast financial institutions.

Our research focuses on many mid- and small-cap banks and thrifts, and the FIG Partners analysis applies to any of the Top 100 U.S. bank stocks. FIG’s Research can enlighten even the most sophisticated eyes in Banking.