Balance sheet management is vital for every banker, and it must be monitored diligently. The Fixed-Income team at FIG Partners is committed to bringing our clients customized investment solutions that are informed by deep market intelligence.

Unlike many other firms, FIG does not maintain an inventory of securities that need to be moved, therefore our focus can be on advising our clients as though their balance sheet were our own.

FIG’s Whole Loan Trading team works with client portfolios across the spectrum of bank originated consumer and commercial loan products, matching buyers and sellers with loan portfolios that best fit their balance sheet specifications and concentrations.

  • Since inception in 2010, Fixed-Income Debt Capital Markets has transacted more than $3.5 billion in bond trades with 215+ clients. Our trading experience in MBS, Municipals, Corporates, CMBS, RMBS, ABS, CDOs, CLOs, and TRUPs extends into 75+ broker/dealer trading desks.
  • The FIG team has assisted Banks & Investors in all 28 rounds of the TARP primary auctions, trading more than $200 million in 276 TARP positions, in primary auctions and secondary trading. FIG has been lead or co-manager for about $362 Million of debt issuance to banks that have ranged in size from $400 million to $8 billion in assets.
  • Within the first year of FIG’s whole loan trading launch, we executed whole loan transactions across multiple sectors, including residential first and second lien loans, auto and other consumer loan pools, as well as small balance commercial loans and participations.

Fixed-Income offerings include:

  • Fixed-Income Sales & Trading
  • Whole Loan Trading
  • Fixed-Income Advisory Services
  • Securitization

Fixed-Income Research and Information:

Banks' Debt Financing - Fixed-IncomeBanks’ Success In Debt Financing
The Research team at FIG Partners tracked 57 debt offerings by public Banks since late June 2015, and over half were completed by Banks less than $10 Billion. The impressive access to debt capital supports internal loan growth at these institutions plus further M&A activity in 2016 and beyond. Remember that the Federal Reserve is permitting Banks less than $1 Billion to use greater leverage. Click here to read the analysis.

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FIG Partners TARP High Yield Opportunity Feb 2015

Debt Offerings At Banks Below $25 Billion In Assets: 20 Examples YTD
There have been 20 public Banks who have completed debt offerings in the first half of 2015. The Research team at FIG Partners highlights these transactions and believes there is a growing acceptance and comfortable level towards Banks’ use of leverage within their Balance Sheets to enhance their Tier 2 regulatory capital as well as lock-in historically favorable intermediate– and long-term interest rates. Please click here to read the complete report.