Fixed Income

Customized Solutions, Market Intelligence

Balance sheet management is vital for every banker, and it must be monitored diligently.

The Fixed Income Team at FIG is committed to bringing clients customized investment solutions informed by deep market intelligence.

 FIG By The Numbers

  • 34 debt capital offerings totaling more than $800 million to date
  • 40 whole loan transactions totaling more than $628 million to date
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Community banks can demonstrate the liquidity and quality of their balance sheet through FIG’s liquidity program.

Focused On You

Unlike many other firms, FIG does not maintain an inventory of securities that need to be moved. Our focus is solely on advising our clients as though their balance sheet were our own.

Our Loan Sales team helps generate liquidity by enabling banks to find buyers and sellers of all types of loans. Loan sales help our bankers achieve a wide range of strategic goals.

Our team also has extensive experience in MBS, Municipals, Corporates, CMBS, RMBS, ABS, CDOs, CLOs, and TRUPs extends into more than 75 broker/dealer trading desks.

We generate ideas by understanding the needs of our clients at the grass roots level and help them succeed.

FIG Partners Fixed Income Team

Patrick Ahern

Managing Director

Amy Boothe-Fuentes

Senior Vice President
& Head of Whole Loan Trading

Ricardo Diaz

Managing Director

Christopher Wood

Senior Vice President

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