“Minimizing market impact on price when moving large blocks of stock is key. FIG Partners’ expertise in trading offers the most efficient execution possible with our customer orders.” – Geoffrey Hodgson, CEO

At FIG Partners we have a relentless focus on the community bank space. We are a market maker in more than 800 community bank stocks across the NMS, micro-cap and OTC markets. Our sales team is in constant contact with more than 400 buy-side investors ranging from institutional accounts to high net worth individuals who see the value in investing in community banks as a part of their overall portfolio.

Once you experience working with FIG, you will know why so many banks and investors trust us for the sales and trading of community bank positions.

Key Facts:

  • Make markets in more than 800 bank stocks — more than 200 NASDAQ and 600 OTC
  • Completed 29 stock repurchases in 2015
  • One of most active filers of 15c-211s in the banking community
  • Leading corporate sponsor for OTC Markets

FIG Partners’ sales and trading team has extensive experience in bank and thrift stocks. The team has unique perspectives and insights, with information and order flow emanating from multiple sources, including:

  • Issuers (through managing share repurchase programs and insider purchases and sales)
  • Early-stage involvement with thrifts (pre-conversion), which enables dominant market share/trading activity
  • Active dialogue with a broad array of institutional and high net worth clients
  • Expertise in trading illiquid bank and thrift stocks
  • Extensive experience handling large orders in community bank and thrift stocks with minimal market impact

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