World-Class Research

FIG Partners’ research combines fundamental analysis with a qualitative approach to identify successful companies and stocks.

We visit with executive management and middle-management to understand a company’s strategy and operations. We open bank accounts at the institution and visit the local community. We perform technical analysis of stock prices and volume trends. We get to the grass roots of community banking to develop fresh ideas and insights.

Insight From Every Angle

Our analysis also includes looking at company operating statistics from every angle. We use ratios that are foreign to others, such as Cumulative Loss Losses, Frequency & Severity, “Pure Funding”, Core Pre-Tax, Pre-Provision ROA, and Risk-Adjusted NIM.

We make unique rankings of companies (i.e., loan-to-deposit ratio ex-brokered CDs, securities composition, excess TCE ratio, and core deposits vs. core loans). Using these metrics enables investors to compare and contrast financial institutions.

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FIG Partners Research Team

Timothy Coffey

Director, FIG Group

Christopher Marinac

Director of Research

Brian Martin

Director, FIG Group

John Rodis

Director, FIG Group

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